Quantitative High-Frequency Trading Platform

Market-neutral fully-automated trading strategies

Intelligent and ultra-fast execution algorithms

By premier High-Frequency Trading firm

What We Do

Fully-automated trading strategies that make money in your crypto exchange account regardless of the market direction

Intelligent and ultra-fast execution algorithms that dramatically reduce your cost of trading

Proprietary trading signals based on market data statistical analysis, on-chain activity, news and social media sentiment analysis

When We Will Deliver

Who We Are

We are the team behind ATTO Trading Technologies – a high-frequency quantitative trading firm developing proprietary strategies based on market data, news and sentiment analysis

We have been successfully trading the most competitive traditional asset classes (equities, futures, options) for over 10 years. We've built a team of 20 experienced developers, traders, and data scientists

We will deliver on time.
Our product will be profitable, fast and reliable.
Our track record testifies to that

Management Team

Our Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you think the trading ecosystem of crypto assets is going to evolve?
    Crypto markets at the moment look like the «promised land» in terms of the wealth of opportunities available for systematic trading – market efficiency is low and volatility is high. That is why you see a lot of individual traders and small players in the markets.
    However, as was time and again proven in other markets and asset classes, this will not last very long. Once the initial institutional inertia is overcome and the regulatory framework developed enough, the large players will move in and make it very difficult for small players / individual traders to compete.
    CRYPTTO platform provides a unique opportunity to remain competitive in the increasingly more efficient markets
  • Why are you sharing your know-how, why not just trade on your own?
    That's a totally legitimate question. We do believe in crypto technologies and love the way they are changing and democratizing the world, but we certainly are no Robin Hoods, and the main reason we change our business model and «go public» with CRYPTTO is the sheer wealth of opportunities that the crypto markets provide.
    There is simply more than we can chew ourselves. Thus, making our platform «public» is the best way to monetize our know-how.
    The fact that by doing so we are developing crypto investment community and democratizing access to professional trading is a big cherry on the top for us
  • Can we trial your strategies?
    Currently, our strategies are trading our own capital only. With the release of the beta version of our platform in August, we'll invite first third-party users to try them.
    To receive access, you'll need to participate in either our private or public pre-sale. The 2-months «headstart» access to our strategies will be our token of gratitude to the pre-sale participants
  • What's your token sale roadmap? Will there be whitelisting/KYC for public sale participation?
    Currently, we are conducting a private pre-sale to selected strategic partners. The exact dates and conditions of our public pre-sale and the crowdsale will be announced in our Telegram group.
    Yes, there will be whitelisting and KYC procedures for both public pre-sale and public sale. To reserve your place on the whitelist, please, join our Telegram community and sign-up for email updates
  • How is your TTO token used?
    Our token is the sole means of access to our platform. It is used for subscription payments on all platform levels, to fulfill staking requirements to access semi-automated trading, and for dynamic staking (access auctions) for the fully-automated trading strategies.
    TTO is an ERC-20 token
  • What are your token metrics?
    • Our soft cap is $5 mln and our hard-cap is $25 mln
    • A total supply of 100,000,000 TTO will be created
    • 70% (70,000,000) will be sold during the TGE (token generation event)
    • 30% (30,000,000) will be retained by the team, our partners, and advisors
    • All team tokens will be subject to vesting tied to development milestones achievement

Tools We Developed

While our platform is under development, we would like to share access to some of the tools we created with the community

The first tool is the real-time normalized market data feed for major crypto exchanges

We are committed to providing equal access to the professional tools and opportunities in crypto markets. That is why we provide this feed for free

CRYPTTO Real-time Market Data Feed
Timestamp Market Pair Price Size
12:12:28.060 PLNX USDTLTC 139.22 0.02519
12:12:27.602 BITF DSHUSD 412.4 0.3

The market data feed is being delivered via our C++ based low-latency market data handler capable of maintaining connections and processing all data from all crypto exchanges on a single commodity server

We do not aggregate or conflate trade data in any way, only normalize the protocols and publish the trade data to subscribers

To access the feed and the set-up instructions, please, visit our GitHub repository

Airdrop Quiz

We will be airdropping up to 1,000,000 of our TTO tokens to foster the community engagement and encourage adoption of our platform

To be eligible for the airdrop you will have to take a quiz designed to measure your level of awareness regarding trading in general, crypto trading, and Cryptto platform

We will accept up to 20,000 quiz submissions and award 10,000 airdrop slots depending on quiz results

The maximum amount of airdrop per person is 100 TTO. We will also randomly award 1,000 trial monthly subscriptions to the base level of our platform to the 10,000 quiz winners

To participate in the quiz you'll have to create your profile on our website and join our Telegram chat. We will announce when the quiz becomes available there

For more details on the quiz and the airdrop mechanics, please, read our blog post